Over 10 private drones hijacked at BNR festival in Minsk

Several drones used by media and private persons to broadcast and record the event were stolen during the Independence Festival in Minsk. The whereabouts of the drones are unknown.

The drone, which was supposed to be record video for our channel was hijacked right after it was lifted into the air. It flew away, having sent us only one shot.

According to the representative of Belsat in Belarus, Alyaksei Minchonak, the consequences of the incident are dealt with by the owner of the drone, and not the editorial staff (drones are rented together with the operator who is responsible for the device). The police said that you need to write a statement of theft in the Central police department.

“If there is no drone, we will think what to do next,” said Minchonak.

TUT.BY had about three minutes of broadcasting with the help of a drone, when it was intercepted.

Several private individuals were also harmed by attackers.

Flights of drones in Belarus are not prohibited. There is a special map with facilities over which the drones are not allowed to fly. But the Opera and Ballet Theater, as well as the area above it, are not included in this map.

It is possible to intercept drones by means of special equipment which captures the signal from the ground and transfers it to another operator.

Belarusian design bureau “Radar” has developed such complexes as “Groza-S” and “Groza-R”.

Deployment of the complex requires about 10 minutes

“Groza-R” is built on the platform of a minibus. The station allows to monitor the air and to identify radio communication channels of unmanned aerial systems. Operators of “Groza-S” can interfere with the work and completely take over control. It takes about 10 minutes to deploy the complex.

“Groza-R” is an electronic rifle that can not only intercept drones but also suppress signals from satellite navigation systems – for example, GPS or GLONASS

These systems are not officially present in the arsenal of the Belarusian army, but, most likely, the KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have them.

In conversation with the press service of BAJ, TUT.BY editor-in-chief Maryna Zolatava expressed her confidence that special services are behind the drones hijacking.

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