Outrageous statement by Belarusian state media: independence of Belarus began with Lukashenka

“It is a pity that in 1994 Belarus lost its independence. But only one person knew about it. ”

Social networks are currently discussing the article which claims that the Belarusian independence allegedly began in 1994. Allegedly, because it was then that Alyaksandr Lukashenka came to power. Propagandists claim that it was when Belarus began to flourish. Pavel Vusau, PhD in Political Sciences, talks about the absurdity of this statement:

“The independence of modern Belarus started not in 1994, but in 1990. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, Belarus gained objective legal independence and became an independent state. Thanks to this independence and democracy, Lukashenka came to power. If everything was conditional before 1994, then a politician like Lukashenka would not really exist. […]

History falls prey to those who rule the country. In authoritarian regimes they try to distort history in such a way that it corresponds to the interests of the ruling elite. Under Lukashenka, they want to make history, cross out a very real independent period, a democratic period with no Lukashenka. Belarusian independence This is not his merit, it is the merit of the democratic public, the opposition, the Belarusian Popular Front “Revival”, which, through the hands of a small group of people in parliament and with broad public support, came to independence, not waiting for Lukashenka. After all, we know that almost immediately after coming to power, he did everything to weaken this independence and sell Belarus to Russia for certain political dividends … ”

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