Our viewers confront troll factories, propaganda and lies – Belsat.eu editor

Has Belsat TV show Just Like That fallen foul of anyone? Its popularity is growing, its presenters are raising thorny threads. But someone keeps trying to downgrade it on YouTube.

As reported earlier, a Belsat story attracted the attention not only of Youtube audience, but also of the unknown ‘rulers of the trolls’. After the story about life in the Russian village was viewed thousands of times, we noticed an atypical activity: within two days, the video had 24 thousand ‘dislikes’, as opposed to 1.8 thousand of ‘likes’ in just 2 days.

The analysis of the proper data materials indicates that troll factories and bots.

“The proportion between dislikes and views looks very suspicious. As a rule, people rarely click Like or Dislike on YouTube. The dispropotion was evident, and we decided to find out from which countries people who actively disliked the post are. And we got curious statistical data. Firstly, all these dislikes had been left within two days; secondly, the geography of the dislikes was very strange. No wonder if there are reactions from Russia and Ukraine, because we have viewers and readers there. But in this case, many people from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico and Algeria were dissatisfied with the video,” Zmitser Yahorau, deputy editor-in-chief at belsat.eu, said.

Yahorau doubts that real people were ingaged in the attack: “This was done by bots and computer programs that drive up a number of dislikes”. Belsat news stories about Russia’s Federal Security Committee (FSB) and problems in a Russian village might have struck home; certain people want to discredit the channel in the eyes of our viewers, Yahorau believes.

“We know that one can buy comments and views, but we will never opt for that. We will send a request to Youtube, let them see the cheating. These dislikes are highly likely to be deleted. Untill our opponents allocate lots of money to attacking us (as it was during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign), there is no chance to defeat us. Our viewers share our publications and videos. They confront troll factory, propaganda and lies,” the journalist stressed.


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