Opposition politician Nyaklyayeu sentenced to 10 days of arrest for interview with Belsat

A Minsk court has sentenced the poet and politician Uladzimira Neklyayeu to 10 days of administrative arrest for alleged calls for protest.

Nyaklyayeu was accused of urging people to “participate in an unauthorized event”, in particular the “March of Outraged Belarusians” held on 21 October, 2017.

The case had an interview with Nyaklyayeu on “Belsat”, where he explained: “If there is a will to protect the rights, it is necessary to go and protect them.” The court found these words to constitute an offense.

According to Nyaklyayeu, the police were going to take him into custody immediately after the verdict was announced, but later they let him go home.

“So far, I have not been handcuffed, but, of course, they will catch me somewhere on the street, as always,” the politician told belsat.eu.

According to the politician, the authorities “want to bring his to the natural death.”

“Every time I am in prison, I have an hypertensic crisis, which could result in a stroke, and they know it…” said Nyaklyayeu.

Responding to a question, if he ever thought of leaving Belarus, the politician stressed:

“No. I was born here, my ancestors are buried in this land. Let those who judge go.”


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