Opposition calls on Belarusians to protest on Freedom Day

The Belarusian National Congress (BNC) has launched All Power To The People campaign.

The BNC, an organization striving for uniting the Belarusian opposition, is going to stage a mass protest rally on March 25, opposition politician Mikalai Statkevich said in his statement.

According to him, the campaign is aimed at ‘holding early fair elections under international observation’.

“Forcing the regime into peaceful change is a self-giving way for those who take responsibility for the protests – they will be persecuted. But there is no other way to change,” says Statkevich.

The BNC is urging Belarusians to show up at a rally on March 25, 2018. On this day, the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BNR). According to the preliminary plan, the event will start in Yakub Kolas Square in Minsk. At the same time, the campaign will sweep the regions as well.

Last spring the nation finally realized that the country was occupied by illegal, unwarranted power, that we were ruled by a gang of criminals. Foreigners who used to put the regime’s record straight had to temper their enthusiasm. The regime failed to obtain billions of loans for keeping its huge army of siloviki and apparatchiks,” the former political prisoner stressed.


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