Only around 30 entrepreneurs come to protest in Hrodna


Only a couple of dozen people came to the protest in Hrodna.

Entrepreneurs began to gather late. At 12:00 the Lenin square was still empty. Here and there was a handful of 2-3 people.

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The impromptu rally started only at 12.20, when the journalists were joined by about 25-30 people. Next to the protesters were the already familiar faces in plain clothes – MIA. Barriers were on the side ready fopr action, and behind the Executive Committee was the bus, possibly with riot police inside.

Pad ablvykankamam - 2 auto z DAIshnikami

“We were in a desperate situation, emotionally explains a participant of the protest, – according to the decree #222, we cannot work. Both this decree and the decree “on the parasites’ – are a violation of human rights! I came to the square to show that we can defend our rights!”

Perhaps the only representative of the political circles in the rally was the regional leader of the Social Democrats Aleg Ramashkevich (“Hramada” of Iryna Veshtard):

– I came to support entrepreneurs, because I believe that small business is the foundation of our economy in the future. Small business, rather than oil, will ensure the well-being of Belarus. The main thing is to change people’s attitude to work, use their abilities.

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Ramashkevich explained the small number of protesters by the “primordial Belarusian disease – the lack of solidarity” and added that “there is no end of the destructive actions of the government.”

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“I do not know how to live on, said another participant of the protest – someone will move … But the zero point will come: if we don’t have anything to eat. Apparently, it’s Obama who is to blame!” The man said the last phrase with a smile.

A man in the passing car shouted “Go to work!”. Man from the crowd told him to back off.

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Around 13.00 people started to disperse. The symbolic end to the rally was put by the pensioner, who called the protesters speculators and advised them to go to the store and work just like the president said. At that time, about 5 people were left in the square.

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