On own accord: Vocal online supporter of ‘Russian World’ not to teach Belarusian kids anymore


A Mazyr-based teacher who insults and bans Belarusian and Ukrainian users in social networks at work-off time, has achieved notoriety after the publication by the investigative blog 1863x.com.

As it turned out, it is the Belarusian-born adherer of the ‘Russian World’ Katerina Kasho who is hiding under nicknames @Russian Girl and @_belka_strelka on web.

The woman has been teaching physics and astronomy in a school of the Belarusian town of Mazyr (Homiel region). But on the Internet the modest teacher turns into a vociferous supporter of the unrecognised separatist republic who defend Russian-back militants from ‘khokhols’ (an offensive epithet of Ukrainians used by Russians) and ‘dic*heads’.

“Kasho has nothing about Belarus – she writes only about Putin, Donetsk and Luhansk ‘republics’, Syria, ‘Russian World’ etc, ” blogger Jhon Silver says on 1863x.com.

In his article the author also recommends parents and students to report the incident to the school authorities and Homiel region education department.

Belsat has learned that Ms Kasho is no longer employed as a teacher – she filed for voluntarily leave

When we got in touch with the former teacher, she refused to comment on the situation, expressed her unwillingness to become a ‘star’ and accused Belsat TV of being biased (in Russian):

“You should not make me into a star. This story is a bit rotten. If you want to dig into this … but it is unethical. Do you really need this? <…> Oh, your television functions due to the money coming from and supports [anti-Russian] fighters? In this case, I decline comment.”

By the moment, her Twitter account @_belka_strelka has been suspended.


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