Officials fail to solve entrepreneurs’ problems


The forum has passed, entrepreneurs’ problems have not disappeared. The Mahiliou sellers gathered at the site of the largest market in the city – Vilna Market, which is already for more than a month resembles rather a scorched earth ground than the market. Some of the entrepreneurs shared their impressions from the trip to the capital.

“Everything depends on one person, and all of you know who it is. No one made a secret of it, everyone said that only one person can solve our problem,” said Uladzimir Shapira, seller from Mahiliou.

Whether Lukashenka will solve the entrepreneurs’ problem or not is an open question.

In order not to lose time, the Mahiliou sellers appealed to the leadership of the regional executive committee with the most sensitive issue – when can the entrepreneurs work and whether the decree on mandatory certification of goods will be cancelled.

“They said that the governor is very busy, he has a lot of work to do. They simply ignored us, although before he said that he worried about us and supported us. There were the same questions, their heads were lowered — we do not decide, we have one head of the country who decides,” said the man.
According to the sellers, today this issue is of the customers’ concern as well.

Some SPs believe that people do not have enough money to buy clothes in hi-end stores.
The Vitsebsk businessmen, who had planned to go on February 8 to Minsk to seek justice, have not yet decided on this measure. According to Iryna Yaskevich, the leader of the entrepreneurs’ movement of the Vitsebsk region, the meeting scheduled for February will fall short of businessmen’s expectations.

“I do not see any sense in it. I think the authorities will fail to appear there. They did not come to the forum. To whom will the entrepreneurs make speeches?” said Iryna Yaskevich, chairwoman of the organizing committee of the trade union “Together”.

However, its organizer Anatoly Shumchanka remains optimistic. He said that the resolution of yesterday’s business forum arrived “to the top.” That is why the authorities, according to the leader of the “Perspective”, will try to solve the problem of local traders even before 15 February.

Vital Babin, Belsat

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