October Revolution Day celebrations in Minsk 2019 (photo report)

«ГУЛАГи были, есть и нужны везде»

«ГУЛАГи были, есть и нужны везде».ШТО?!!! 😒Камуністы адзначылі сваё свята. Глядзіце, што яны там казалі:https://belsat.eu/news/stalin-kndr-i-klasavaya-baratsba-yak-kamunisty-adznachyli-u-mensku-7-kastrychnika/

Opublikowany przez «Белсат» Czwartek, 7 listopada 2019

The pro-governmental Communist Party of Belarus, the opposition Belarusian Party of the Left “Fair World” and the pro-Russian coordination council “Unity” celebrated the 102nd anniversary of the October Revolution with solemn speeches and laying flowers at the monument to Vladimir Lenin in Independence Square. “Unity” also launched a procession to the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky. Belsat.eu has prepared a photo report.

The Day of the October Revolution is traditionally celebrated separately by various groups of Belarusian Communists: their ritual celebrations at the monument to Lenin are scheduled for different times in order not to cross each other. It was expected that the pro-governmental Communist Party of Belarus would come to lay flowers at 10:00 a.m., but at the last moment the schedule was corrected, the action took place earlier. When journalists came to the square, the place at monument to the leader was already empty.

Ihar Ilyash, photo Iryna Arakhouskaya belsat.eu

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