Notorious Pskov division paratroopers participating in drills in Brest


Russian and Belarusian military has started the active phase of the military exercise at Brestski training ground (Brest region).

The opening ceremony took place on April, 9.

An opening ceremony of joint battalion tactical exercises of the Belarusian and Russian paratroopers has taken place at Brestski training ground (Brest region) on Monday.

About 450 military and up to 70 military equipment pieces are involved in the war game, state-run news agency BelTA reports. The Belarusian side is presented by units of the 38th Guards Air Assault Brigade of Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry provides different data – 600 servicemen and about 100 military vehicles.

Russia has sent the 76th Guards Air Assault Division of Airborne Troops to the exercise and reinforced it by an engineering department. Weapons and equipment are provided by the Belarusian side. The task of the military involved is to identify, block and destroy an illegal armed group that has captured and holds an important strategic object.

It should be noted the Pskov-based 76th Guards Air Assault Division was involved in the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, two Chechen wars as well as annexation of Crimea in 2014. Its troops were also spotted in Donbas. In August 2014, Vladimir Putin awarded the division with the Suvorov Order for ‘successfull completion of combat missions’.

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