Not enough doctors, nurses and directors. Too many janitors, porters and vendors

Employment Department of the Labor Committee at the Employment and Social Protection Center of Minsk City Executive Committee has made public the list of the most sought-after professions.

According to the Committee, On April 1, the most sought after experts in the capital were linesmen (100 vacancies), physicians (416), doctors (147), software engineers (93), nurses (755), specialists of different qualifications (132).

Committee also published a list of professions that are very difficult to find work with.

Forty five driver vacancies are claimed by 362 unemployed, 5 loader vacancies are sought by 596 unemployed. Highly competitive are positions of sellers, janitors, watchmen.

In January-March, 13,663 people, including 12,534 of the unemployed, turned to the emplyment services in Minsk for help in finding employment.,,

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