No more winter in Belarus in 20 years

Over the next 20 years, the climate in Belarus will change significantly, Winter with snow and frost will basically disappear.

According to the analytical memorandum of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Belarusians should not expect drastic changes in agro-climatic zones. The duration of the warm period ib the 2041-2060 period will on average increase for 35 days and will be from 280 to 310 days. And in the southwestern part of the country in general the average duration of the warm period will be 365 days. Thus, Brest residents will not see any winter.

At the same time, the amount of precipitation in the spring and in the fall will not change. But the summer will be drier through the increase in the temperature. Therefore, Belarusian farmers will have to re-adjust to the future conditions.

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