No money from Putin, less land in Crimea? Night Wolves bikers’ bad luck

The city authorities of Sevastopol (Crimea) intend to take away 126 hectares of land from the notorious bikers’ club Night Wolves.

In 2015, the club leased 267 hectares of the annexed peninsula, which was approved by former governor Sergei Menyaylov. The then rental rate was 0.1% of the market value of the land. On September 10, Dmitry Ovsyannikov was appointed Governor of Crimea. He decided to cut the leased land parcel by half, reports.

In Sevastopol the Night Wolves were about to build a ‘patriotic center of extreme sports’ with help of Russia’s Defense Ministry. But they failed to get a building permission, says. Moreover, the Ministry of Defense scrapped the idea of supporting the project.

Although he Night Wolves has a reputation of being a pro-Putin organization, this year the Russian leader has not awarded them with a grant for their activity.

The Wolves were denied entry to Poland on May 1, 2016. The group was set to get to Berlin on May 9, Russia’s Victory Day, and ‘pay tribute to the soldiers who won a victory over Nazi Germany’, but they had to return to Belarus and share their impressions with journalists instead.

When Belsat TV contributor Ales Lyauchuk said the USSR was Hitler’s ally at the beginning of the Second World War and referred to the Nazi-Soviet Pact signed in August 1939, the club’s leader Alexander Zaldostanov could not come up with any sensible answer and pushed Mr Lyauchuk away saying ‘Bugger off!’.

The Night Wolves’ were not allowed to pass through Poland in 2015 as well. According to the Polish side, the participants threatened the security of the European Union.

The Wolves are vocal supporters of the intervention in Ukraine and co-organisers of Antimaidan in Russia.

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