No TV election talk, if Putin is busy or unwell

Vladimir Putin defines the activity of Russian television channels in terms of election coverage. This is evidenced by detailed media monitoring conducted by the human rights movement ‘Golos’.

For example, last week Vladimir Putin did not conduct a very active campaign, and the information block about elections on TV channels decreased by an average of one and a half times. Belsat learned the main findings of the monitoring from the human rights activist of “Golos” Stanislav Andreychuk.

“Instead of giving the chance to talk about other candidates a little more, to give an opportunity to present their program ideas, the TV channels simply collapsed the air time, which they allocate for election coverage,” Andreychuk said.

“Also, there is such a parameter as tone. Tthe activities of candidates are covered positively or negatively, and here we, too, see a very serious imbalance — in three weeks, the five main TV channels never allowed any criticism of Putin. As a rule, all the stories about Putin are accompanied by some cheerful music, invigorating, positive … But they constantly criticize Grudinin [the candidate from the Communist Party –],” notes the human rights activist.

You can learn more information on the topic in the video above.

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