‘No big deal’. Chechnya’s Information Minister about Kadyrov’s video of Russian oppositionist at gunpoint

On January 31, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov published a short film on his Instagram. Due to the usage of filter, the video gives the impression that Mikhail Kasyanov, the leader of the Party of People’s Freedom (Parnas), and its co-chair Vladimir Kara-Murza are held at gunpoint.

“Kasyanov has come to Strasbourg for money for the Russian opposition. He who did not understand, will understand!” the annotation said.

“In my opinion, the video was jokey. It is no big deal – there was no sight, but a periscope. I do not think we should overhype,” Chechen Information Minister Dzhambulat Umarov told tvrain.ru.

A periscope is an optical device for monitoring from a submarine or any other shelter. It is also used by persons who want to keep a watch unnoticed.

Kasyanov considered the video to be incitement to kill him and promised to report the incident to the police. On Monday evening, after Instagram removed the video due to lots of complaints, Ramzan Kadyrov accused the service of censorship.

In mid-January, Kadyrov called the representatives of non-systemic opposition ‘enemies of the people’ and traitors. The leaders of Chechnya accused them of trying to cash in on the difficult economic situation in Russia.


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