NEXTA publishes personal data of over 1K Belarusian security officials

The NEXTA Telegram channel has published a document with 1,003 names of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. According to the channel, this was done after the detention of more than 300 people at a protest in Minsk.

“A week ago, we warned about what would happen if the punishers did not stop. We are keeping the promise. Here are the first 1,000 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the data base, which we have thanks to cyber partisans. If the detentions continue, we will continue the mass publication of data,” the channel said.

The published document contains the full names of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the names of the departments in which they work, as well as their ranks and positions.

The message of the telegram channel also calls for assistance in the development of a database with the personal data of the security forces and to report their addresses, phones, car numbers, habits, as well as the personal data of their partners.

While addressing the security forces with a demand to release the detainees at the “Glittering March” earlier, former presidential candidate Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya said that “the security officials must remember: Belarusians are ready to de-anonymize those who carry out criminal orders”.

“You’ll still have to look into the eyes of your people, whom you are to defend,” Tsikhanouskaya said.

According to human rights activists, at least 390 people were detained at a protest rally on August 19 in Minsk.