New ‘revelations’ to separatists in Donbas: Mercenaries from Poland, Turkey kidnap women!

Pro-Ukraine mercenaries from Poland, Turkey kidnap women, the representatives of the unrecognised Donetsk republic say.

“We are particularly concerned about the presence of foreign mercenaries who came to assist the Ukrainian government troops in the town of Shyrokyne. There are nationals of Poland and Turkey among them,” Eduard Basurin, the deputy commander of the corps of the so called republic’s ministry of defence, stated.

“There were facts of abductions of women in neighboring villages. However, the Ukrainian authorities keep covering up these crimes,” Basurin states.

On Sunday the information about the presence of Polish mercenaries was shared by the other separatist republic . The Poles are driving Toyota Tundra pick-up trucks bearing inscription ‘Jackals’ and logos in the shape of a wolf’s paw; their uniforms have white and red stripes, Igor Yashchenko, the chief of staff of Luhansk republic’s ‘militia’, said.

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