Who punched Russian spaceship? Roscosmos has new theory

American astronauts are suspected of attempts to deliberately damage the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09” in order to have one of their sick colleagues to Earth as soon as possible.

According to kommersant.ru, a special commission of the state corporation Roskosmos is looking into this version “as a priority”.

On August 30, NASA reported that the International Space Station (ISS) received a signal from a sensor that recorded an air leakage into outer space. The crew of the ISS managed to localize the leakage spot — a 1.5 mm hole in the onboard compartment of the Russian ship. It was sealed with a special sealant.

Hole in the “Soyuz MS-09”. Photo: NASA

According to the “prioritized version” of Russia, the Americans drilled a hole in order to provoke an early dispatch of the ship to Earth due to illness of one of the crew members, a high-level representative of the Russian media kommersant.ru said. An urgent evacuation of the crew from the station would allow him to undergo a full treatment, and the compartment in which they found a hole would burn when the ship would enter the atmosphere.

“Roskosmos” is sure that the hole appeared in space after the ship docked to the ISS.

“Our “Soyuz”is located near the module “Rassvet” — it is next to the gateway to the American part of the station. Access to our ship is possible only with the permission of our commander, but we can not exclude unauthorized access of Americans,” an anonymous source said told kommersant.ru referring to the operation of the ISS.

Roscosmos asked NASA to provide the records of the astronauts (in order to obtain evidence of the illegal penetration of Americans into the Russian ship) and information about their health status. The media outlet notes that if the version of the Russian side is confirmed, it will be a “powerful blow” for Russian-American relations in space.

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