New plan to combat COVID-19 approved in Minsk

On April 7, Minsk City Executive Committee approved a plan to “prevent and reduce the spread of acute respiratory infections, including those caused by COVID-19,” reports

No more working with runny nose

Minsk City Executive Committee asks not to allow people with signs of cold to work, advises to use the Internet for seminars and conferences as much as possible, and insists on the inadmissibility of travel.

Mass events are now prohibited

Reading rooms in Minsk libraries will stop working. It is prohibited to hold mass events in museums and exhibition complexes. Also, the capital authorities have canceled exhibitions, fairs and other similar events. Minsk City Executive Committee has banned holding corporate events and weddings in catering establishments.

Kindergartens and schools no longer a must

Kindergartens will work, but now parents officially do not have to take their child there, but the place is reserved for the child. No money will be charged for that. Parents of schoolchildren also have the right to decide whether or not to send their child to school. At school, children should only be in their own classroom and not communicate with others.

Higher education institutions were recommended to go online

Other educational institutions and higher education institutions are encouraged to switch to distance learning or individual schedule classes.

Hairdressers in masks and churches need to be disinfected

Beauty salons, hairdressing salons, tattoo salons and make-up salons are now obliged to accept clients only by appointment and with an interval of 5 minutes between clients. Employees of these institutions are asked to wear masks. In churches, it must be possible to wash hands and disinfect everything touched by parishioners.