New mortality record set in Belarus

According to the UN, mortality in Belarus has only increased since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The largest increase in deaths occurred at the peak of the epidemic. The cause of death is not immediately clear from the UN statistics, but our experts believe that it was COVID-19 that played a big role.

The death rate this year is at a record high over the past five years. If we compare the second quarter of 2020, which was the peak of the pandemic, with the corresponding period of 2019, we will see that this year the number of deaths is about 5 and a half thousand more. The last 4 years the difference was no more than 1000 people.

Belarusians were able to find out about the current mortality rate from the UN data. We tried to find out in Belstat why the UN already has statistics, but Belstat still does not publish them. They promised us to clarify the issue but have not been available for comment since.

According to the official figures of the Ministry of Health, today there is information about 716 deaths from coronavirus.

Dziana Ratkevich / Belsat