New Forestry Minister spoke on corruption and lessons learned


Vital Drozhzha

After revealing the incidents of corruption in Belarusian forestry, we drew conclusions, the new head of the Ministry of Forestry, Vital Drozhzha, said.

In a conversation on corruption with the journalist of state TV, Vitaly Drozhzha said:

“There really was a negative experience, around 12 cases. If we consider that about 36 thousand people work in the region, I would not say that there is serious corruption in the region. It is an issue of the human factor. We are working on this. “

According to the Minister, serious conclusions have been made and measures taken. Starting from 2020, the industry will switch to electronic records of harvested wood.

On corruption in Belarus

“This will minimize the participation of a person in the process. Everything will be done by the computer, all wood will immediately become registered. This will help prevent corruption crimes,” said Vitaly Drozhzha.

In February, it became known that 12 officials of the Forestry Ministry, as well as the head of the forestry sector in the Vitsebsk region, were detained by the KGB in the criminal case on corruption. At the same time, Lukashenka dismissed the Minister of Forestry Mikhail Amelianovich “for failure to take effective measures to combat corruption and economic violations.”

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