New detentions of activists in Homiel and Mazyr

Some activists have their power lines cut out and police are on duty at the door.

Yury Ulasau, a trustee of presidential candidate Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya in Homiel, reported on August 6 that his house entrance was full of police and that police officers were standing two at each floor. The activist had electricity disconnected from his apartment. In the evening it was reported that he had been detained.

Yury Ulasau

At lunchtime on August 6 another candidate activist, Zmitser Ivashkin, was detained in the settlement Krasnaye on Palevaya Street. He was detained by police in two service vans.

Also in Mazyr two activists of Svyaatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Ruslan Parfyonau and Yury Panfilenka were detained on August 6th. They took part in signature collection for the candidate, organized pickets, and made online broadcasts for the channel “Mozyr for Life”. The police are looking for another Mazyr administrator of the channel Aliaksandr Tsukanau (the activist has already served 45 days for participation in a meeting with blogger Siarhey Tsikhanouski).

Zmitser Ivashkin

Many activists, including a trustee of the candidate Tatsiana Kaneuskaya, left their homes in order not to be preventively detained by police.

Earlier Uladzimir Nyapomniashchykh, Yury Kavaliou, Mikalai Vitkouski, Mikhail Maslau, Alyaksey Yeliseyeu and Yauhen Vasilkou were detained in Homiel and Minsk regions.