New case against Belsat journalist

Journalist was to appear at the police station for  interrogation but the document was delivered too late.

Belsat journalist however did not see the point to visit Slonim in person.

“They called me as a defendant at the administrative case. Earlier, they at least informed by telephone. I am convinced that I will be charged on the basis of the same article 22.9 (illegal production and distribution of television production, and de facto working without accreditation – ed.), Under which sentenced me Kareliche. Over the last year I was in Slonim only once, when I was doing a report about corruption in the municipal services. The other reason I do not see “- commented Zaleuski. journalists managed to talk by phone with the head of a district police command in Slonim Valery Ramanczuk. According to him, the Zaleuski actions could be classified as an administrative offense.

“Let him come to us, show documents, and explain everything. There’s no problem that the  summons was delivered late. Let him call us and we will arrange new interrogation”- said Ramanczuk.

The officer didn’t want to inform why Ales Zaleuski must urgently appear at the police station in Slonim. He only said that when a journalist does not attend in person the case will be passed to the court.

This is the second administrative case over the last year, launched against full-time employee to TVP, which is part of Belsat.

Thursday, May 27th. The district court in Kareliche(Grodno) sentenced  Ales Zaleuski to fine of 450 thousand rubles (about 1300 zł.) for unlawful preparation and dissemination of television production. Zaleuski was sentenced on the basis of Art. 22.9 kPa. The journalist submitted an appeal to the district court. June 26 inGrodno district court dismissed the appeal keeping the previous instance judgment.


Ales Zaleuski Belsat is a journalist since 2007. At first there was a television presenter and anchor of news program “Objectiv” broadcast from Warsaw. In the autumn of last year he  moved to Belarus. He is author of TV programs “Zaleuski Report” and “Human Affairs.”


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