Apartment in Moscow to go to Belarusian who showed Russian flag at Paralympics

Andrey Fomachkin, a Belarusian sports functionary, who unfolded a Russian flag at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Paralympic Games, will receive an apartment in Moscow, Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, said on Facebook.

According to Zakharova, a man who was ‘deeply impressed’ by Fomachkin’s deed contacted her and said he decided to give the Belarusian an apartment in Moscow as a present. The anonymous donator asked Zakharova for assistance.

The spokeswoman asked not to accuse Russia of provocations stressing that it is not the state but a private person who is making such a gift.

53-year-old Andrey Fomachkin, director of the Republican Center of Olympic preparation in athletics), showed the tricolor in solidarity with the Russian Paralympians who had not been admitted to the Games. Later the flag was taken away from him.

Russia was banned from competing in the 2016 Paralympic Games due to the doping scandal. The report on Russia’s state-sponsored programme of cheating made by WADA for the World Anti-Doping Agency was taken into account.

Since it was a ‘one-man protest’, there were no sanctions for the Belarusian team.

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