NATO military drill launches in Lithuania

About 4,000 soldiers from 11 NATO countries are taking part in the exercise in Lithuania. The purpose of the exercise, which is called “Iron Wolf II” and will last until November 18 at the Lithuanian training ground, is to improve interaction between the alliance’s forces, reports

Back in October, the U.S. military arrived in Lithuania, which caused discontent on the part of the official Minsk. Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that there might be an “asymmetric response by Belarus to the appearance of the U.S. tank battalion.

Лукашенко пригрозил Литве асимметричным ответом на «бронетанковый кулак» США

In turn, the Alliance’s leadership reminded the official Minsk that NATO is a defensive organization and there is no danger for neighboring countries in the deployment of troops and armored vehicles near the border.

Next spring, new Defender Europe 2020 exercises will begin in Europe.

Президент Литвы ответил на озабоченность Лукашенко войсками США

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