Nastya Rybka spills new details of US elections interference recording

Nastya Rybka. Photo from Instagram of

An escort service worker and a citizen of Belarus Anastasia Vashakevich (Nastya Rybka) said she had given Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska audio and video recordings of the conversations in which he allegedly discussed Russia’s interference in the American elections.

She told that to the Associated Press at the trial in Thailand.

Rybka said that she promised the oligarch to say nothing more on this topic and not publish any data, for which Deripaska promised the woman “something”.

“If he does this, then there will be no problems, but if not …” she added with a smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Nastya Rybka did not specify if she had kept copies of the conversations.

Anastasia Vashakevich from Bobruisk became widely known after February 8, when Aleksei Navalny published an investigation about the links between oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko. According to the version of Navalny, they rested on the yacht of the oligarch in Norway together with the employee of the “escort industry” under the pseudonym Nastya Rybka. The trip was fully paid by the oligarch, which can be considered a bribe to Sergei Prikhodko. On the yacht, the oligarch and the vice-premier also discussed their American contacts — this became known from the Instagram of Nastya Rybka.

On February 26, ten foreigners (including Nastya Rybka) who conducted illegal sex trainings were detained in Pattaya. The organizer of the courses was Alyaksandr Kiry lau from Vitsebsk (better known as Alex Leslie). They were convicted of conspiracy to commit a crime and provide sexual services in a criminal group.

After the detention, Nastya Rybka managed to post in her Instagram an address to the US media: she promised to tell about the connection of Russian deputies with the head of Trump’s campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, and Donald Trump himself. “I know a lot. If you find me in a Thai prison still alive, then I will be happy to talk with you,” Rybka said., based on story from AP

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