Nasha Niva faces fine for ‘not preventing workplace injury’ of journalist shot by spetsnaz

The newspaper Nasha Niva is threatened with a fine for not informing the authorities on time about the injured journalist Natallya Lubneuskaya. The journalist was wounded with a rubber bullet in her leg while covering the August 10 protest.

On August 10, Natallia Lubneuskaya was working on Kalvaryiskaya Street in Minsk where she was wounded. She was covering a mass protest. An identified militant shot her with a rubber bullet right in the leg.

Later, a video appeared online showing how one of the security officials purposely aimed and shot at the journalist, although she was wearing a vest with the inscription “Press” and a badge. He was probably from the Almaz detachment.

Natallia was in the hospital for 38 days. After she was discharged from the hospital, she received a sick leave and transferred it to the accounting department. The editorial board felt that her sick leave was categorized as “workplace injury.” And when the accounting department turned to Belgosstrakh, they warned that Nasha Niva should receive a fine, since the editorial office did not report the incident in time and did not conduct its own investigation. Besides, the editorial office “failed to prevent an “accident at work”.

“We did not prevent it, did not conduct our own investigation within three days and did not report the case to the appropriate authorities. Now I am reading the legislation, trying to figure it out,” editor-in-chief Yahor Martsinovich commented to Belsat.

The Investigative Committee is investigating this incident, although a criminal case has not been opened. On the other hand, the existing legislation does not prevent officials from declaring that the publication can be fined.