‘Naked Europe’. Should Belarus integrate into EU? (street interview)


A Belsat TV crew asked the residents of Minsk what they think about the possibility of Belarus’ integration into the European Union.


“The European Union? And why should we go there, what will they give us? Nothing! They are naked, barefoot, and take everything from us!” an elderly man told our journalists.

A younger citizen stated that Belarus is not ready for such integration and explained why:

“There is a lot of ties with the former Soviet Union, the roots have grown very deeply. Why is it necessary to integrate? Because the whole world is integrating, and retiring in one’s shell is North Korea’s style.”

“I think we are not ready for integration and we do not need it. Our living standards are high if compared to those of the countries who tried to integrate into the European Union. My life is good!” a girl said.

“I am not good at politic, but I would say that Belarus is situated in the centre of Europe, we are ready for the integration into the European Union because Belarus is a European state, we promote European values, our legislation is compliant with European standards. Of course, we are ready!”

“In my opinion, we are not ready. We have nothing. Our economy and industry is rusty. Belarus is a backward country.”

“In my view, no steps towards integrating are being made. We are not ready. Even the Baltic countries were unprepared for entering the EU saying nothing of us.”

“No, we are not ready. Comparing to Europe, we come in nowhere.”

“I am an alien here; I do not know whether Belarus should integrate into the EU. I am for the Eurasian Union.”


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