Listapad-2016: Belsat TV documentaries at Belarus’ biggest film festival


There are nearly 160 works on the program of Listapad, the biggest film festival in Belarus. Half the movies are competitive: there are owners of prestigious awards, European art-house works and some young upstarts.

A number of films made at the commission of Belsat will be also shown at the festival.

25 by Andrey Kutsila shows young people who were born in the sovereign Belarus. Our country that declared independence 25 years ago is now home to the generation aged 25 – the same age as Belarus. What do they dream of? Do they have ambitions? Or are they satisfied with the current state of affairs?

Druja by Ilya Bazhko tells about the Belarusian town of a special climate by which its guests are greatly impressed. “When you’re in an old town iyou are mostly captivated not by the history, specific dates and  names but by the atmosphere. When you look at  the  survived walls your imagination creates the history of this place. The echo of bygone centuries rich in events can be sometimes felt in empty half-abandoned landmarks,” the author says.

The main character of 200,000 Rotations by Katsiaryna Markavets is Sasha Avdevich who became paraplegic after a motorcycling accident. But the man still enjoys road trips and speed. Sasha ventures on a daring journey to the Baltic sea by hand bike. To achieve his dream, he has to travel over 500 km, which means making 200,000 hand rotations…

In 2015, Listapad’s award for the best documentary went to Guests, a movie Andrey Kutsila filmed for Belsat TV.

This year, films by directors from the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, France, Kyrgyzstan are taking part in the main competition. Unfortunately, there is not a single work by Belarusians among them.