Barbed wire as symbol of Russia-Belarus friendship: Minsk mural ‘completed’

Barbed wire has been drawn on a mural that symbolizes the friendship of Belarus and Russia.

Photo by Signal Project

As reported earlier, a giant graffiti appeared on the wall of the 12-storey block of flats in Mahiliouskaya Street in Minsk. The authors made a picture of a Belarusian boy giving flowers to a Russian girl in the run-up of Russia Day which is celebrated on June, 12. There is also the inscription ‘Moscow-Minsk’ and a heart in the colors of the Belarusian and the Russian flags.

Now spikes are seen on the bouquet and the wreath; they were depicted in such a shipshape manner that one might not understand that something was changed.

Photo by Signal Project

The mural was ‘completed’ on Sunday morning. No one paid attention to a man standing on mobile elevating work platform and adding some details to the work by Russian company Novatek.

Now the picture has ‘at least some sense’, an anonymous ‘corrector’ told Euroradio.

The mural appeared in the capital at the beginning of the summer, which caused outrage among Minsk residents and Belarusian internet users amid the londstanding Ukrainian crisis and Russia’s acts of aggression., photos by Signal Project

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