Movie made with Belsat TV contribution to appear at Canada’s Hot Docs

Strip and War by Andrey Kutsila has been officially selected for Hot Docs, the biggest documentary festival in North America.

The film will be presented in the World Showcase program, in which the best documentary films from around the world take part. The participation offers the opportunity to receive the Audience Award.

The film crew had been working on the film for about four years. According to Kutsila, the project turned to be the most continiuos struggle in his life, but he is very happy that the documentary is going to the Canada-based festival, the audience of which amounts to 200,000 people.

“The final cut did not come cheap. But now I am satisfied with the result. I really appreciate that Belsat supported the project in its infancy and sent me to the program Młodzi o młodych under the guidance of prominent Polish documentary makers in 2014. There the idea was born! For me, this work is of landmark nature. With the help of the film, I tried to metaphorically say something about our country. I am very grateful to my characters for their involvement and patience,” the director told Belsat.

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