Mova Nanova: Belarusian language course now in Warsaw


Mova Nanova, a course of the Belarusian language, has come to Poland, where about 50,000 Belarusians live.

Phot. by Ivan Miazhui

On February 9, the Belarusian House in Warsaw hosted the first meeting of amateurs of the Belarusian language. Angela Espinosa, a Spanish girl who speaks perfect Belarusian, and Pole Tomasz Bladyniec banned from entering Belarus were among the guests.

“The idea of launching the course in Warsaw struck me by accident. I learned that such courses are held in different cities, but not in Warsaw. The I talked to Ales Zarembyuk, a co-director of the Belarusian House. He agreed to provide us with the venue, and now the Belarusian language is taught in Warsaw”, said Stanislau Ramanchuk, the organizer of the course.

“The future of the project depends on us, Warsaw-based Belarusians. Activists’ assistance is welcome. If we manage to make lessons interesting, there will be regular audience”, he adds.

Angela Espinosa, who writes poems in Belarusian, turned out to be the highlight of the event:

One can attend the meetings of Mova Nanova in Warsaw on Tuesdays at 19.00 (Wiejska 13/3)

Maxim Charniauski, Ivan Miazhui,

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