Mother of 17-year-old tortured Tsimur Mitskevich dead

Tatsyana Mitskevich with children. Photo:

The mother of 17-year-old Tsimur Mitskevich, who was tortured by the police, has died.

Nine children are now orphans, seven of them are minors.

“Tatsyana was crippled by the history of violence that her son experienced, the history of his persecution,” Natallya Vasilevich wrote on Facebook.

Tatsyana Mitskevich was 44 years old.

Tsimur Mitskevich, 17, was admitted to hospital following the August 13 protests. He had numerous injuries, even for some time he was in a medical coma. In early September, it was reported that a criminal case was opened against the teenager under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (riots).

After that, Tsimur again was taken to the hospital, from where he fled. His whereabouts are unknown to this day. It is reported that the boy’s relatives and friends helped him to leave Belarus.