Moscow police searching for participants of ‘no-pants subway ride’


The police are looking into the Moscow’s ‘no-pants subway ride’ event, said a source in Russian law enforcement.

On Sunday evening, the police working in the Moscow metro found a few pages in social networks, containing calls to hold a flash mob called no-pants subway ride.” It appeared, that the protesters were to meet on January 10 at the metro station “Tverskaya” at 13:30.

Also, the police found several photos, which showed a group of six people without pants on the Zamoskvoretskaya subway line train.

the police are looking for the flash mob participants. They will determine whether the crime was committed or it is just an administrative offense.

‘No-pants subway ride’ is an international event, which has been held since 2002 by users of social networks. It has no political or social slant., photo

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