Moscow and Minsk agree on more than half of integration road maps, Kommersant reports


Russia and Belarus have agreed on 16 out of 31 road maps, provided by the program of economic integration of the two countries, newspaper Kommersant writes.

The road maps are related to the “Action Program of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the Implementation of the Provisions of the Treaty on the Union State,” initialled by Prime Ministers Dmitry Medvedev and Syarhei Rumas on September 6.

Three sources familiar with the situation in the intergovernmental negotiations informed the Russian edition that the parties have done more than 50% of the work. According to one of them, everything has been fully agreed on in relation to 16 maps, and there are no plans to return to them. The newspaper does not specify in which areas everything has been decided.

“The task is to reach a full agreement on all road maps by December 1,” said the source of Kommersant.

On November 19, a meeting of the Union Council of Ministers will be held in Moscow, where 7-8 road maps of those remaining will be discussed. Among them are agriculture, energy, and tax legislation. Moscow links the compensation of the Belarus’ losses from tax maneuver with the unification of tax legislation of the two countries.

The source of Kommersant in the government agencies of Russia, in turn, explained that the single acts provide for the presence of supranational bodies, which do not yet exist in the Union State.

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