Moscow: 400 protesters detained at rally in support of Golunov

Будзе абнаўленне

Задержания на марше в Москве. Вяжут и журналистов и активистов.

Opublikowany przez «Белсат» по-русски Środa, 12 czerwca 2019

The Moscow police have detained about 400 participants in the march in support of Meduza investigative journalist Ivan Golunov, OVD-info reports. About 1,200 people have come to the event.

The city authorities failed to authorize the rally. According to Meduza reports, the police batoned people and used water cannons. Independent journalists, activists and politicians, including Alexei Navalny, are among the detainees.

When the marchers started to move along Chistye Prudy to the police HQ in Petrovka Street, the officers used speaking trumpets and called on them to leave. Then the security forces began to surround the protesters.

“The society should demonstrate solidarity. The more solidarity, the better. We are not giving up. The struggle continues,” Sergei Udaltsov, an opposition politician and coordinator of the Left Front, said.

Interestingly, Ivan Golunov, who was released yesterday, refused to show up at the solidarity march.

Задержания на марше в Москве

Opublikowany przez «Белсат» по-русски Środa, 12 czerwca 2019

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