More than 20 wounded in Minsk hospitals after protests on October 25

Telegram-community of physicians “Belye Khalaty” (white coats) has published data on the victims of the explosions of flash grenades and bubber bullets injured on October 25. The channel claims that many victims refuse to be hospitalized because they are afraid of the security forces.

At least 6 people turned to the Minsk military hospital for help. The nature of the injuries is not reported.

A woman was taken to the 6th clinical hospital with a mine-explosive injury and a foreign body (it looks like a grenade splinter, not visible on the X-ray – probably plastic), multiple lacerations of the lower extremities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health reports that over the past 24 hours, 13 people have turned to health care institutions with injuries of varying severity, and 5 have been hospitalized. Also, the department denies information about the death of a BNTU student from a bullet wound.