More than 20 spice traders arrested in Belarus

Anti-drug and anti-human trafficking police units have detained more than 20 people in Minsk, well as in the Vitsebsk, Mahiliou and Homiel regions over suspected drug trafficking via the Internet..
The information on the arrests appeared on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

As a results of a long-term investigation, law enforcement officers arrested the leaders of the criminal group, key suppliers of drugs in Belarus, as well as “couriers”. The drug was transported hidden in the car door. In total, there were seized several kilograms of spice drug intended for sale through the Internet in our country.

According to security officials, a special site is managed “from outside Belarus”, after the arrests in social networks there appeared a post: “Hi everyone! We are no longer working in Belarus. Our whole team has moved to the Russian Federation. ”

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