More people with 50 USD income in Belarus


Ілюстратыўнае фота, Facebook/Maia Mikhaluk

The number of Belarusians living on half of the minimum subsistence budget (50 USD) or less has increased.

According to official statistics, in general, the number of low income people who have a monthly amount of less than the minimum subsistence budget (203.4 BYN) has decreased. In the first quarter of 2018, there were 5.6% of the population or about 531 thousand people under the poverty line. A year earlier — 5.8% or about 551 thousand people.

Meanwhile, there is a paradox: the number of those who live on a monthly amount of half the minimum subsistence budget has increased: from 0.2% or about 19 thousand people in the first quarter of last year to 0.3% or about 28.5 thousand people this year.

In the Minsk, Hrodna and Brest regions, there are no people living on 100 rubles or less. But in Homiel there is 1.1% of the population or almost 15.6 thousand such people (1.1%), in Mahiliou — 6.3 thousand people (0.4%)., FINANCE.TUT.BY

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