Monument to Stalin to be established in Novosibirsk

Stalin’s monument design. Photo – – NGS. News

The monument will be installed near the regional committee of the CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation).

Novosibirsk Art Council approved the establishment of Stalin’s monument on the territory of the local branch of the Communist Party, the head of the initiative group Alex Denisyuk told The initiators of the monument erection had been trying to get it since the summer of 2016.

Opening of the monument is scheduled for 9 May 2019.

Мужчину, сделавшего могилу Путина, арестовали на 28 суток

There will be plaques to the left and right of the monument. The draft design of one of them will quote Stalin and the other may get the inscription “He brought us to the light and the sun from the oppressive darkness. We are Stalin’s heirs in this.” The text on the plaques has not yet been approved.

«Гори в аду, палач народов». Россияне продолжают любить и ненавидеть Сталина,,

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