Moldovan government resigns under pressure

Maya Sandu, a former education minister who became the star of the young opposition.

The Moldovan parliament has expressed a vote of no confidence in the Maia Sandu government, leader of the ACUM coalition. On November 12, 63 deputies voted for this decision. reports that parliamentarians from the socialist parties PSRM and PDM, who are associated with President Igor Dadon and oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, voted for their resignation.

A vote of no confidence in the government was put forward by the PSRM faction. The socialists opposed the draft law, which allows the prime minister to independently select candidates for the post of prosecutor general.

At the same time, protesters gathered in front of parliament in support of Sandu, reports Speaking to them, she noted that “some thieves in parliament got afraid” of the law enforcement reform.

“They were those who did not want justice reform. We knew it would be hard to count on their support, but we tried to get rid of Plahotniuc, but it seems that a second Plahotniuc is appearing,” the prime minister said.

Sandu promised to continue the fight “both on the street and on the barricades”.

Maia Sandu has been heading the Moldovan government from June 8, 2019. The government coalition was formed by the ACUM bloc and the socialists from PSRM, when the oligarch Plahotniuc left the country as a result of the protests.

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