Police seize hundreds of liters of pure alcohol

Police have found 68 bottles of the “illegal” vodka belonging to a citizen of Baranavichy. More “surprises” were later seized during a search.

Baranavichy policemen stopped a “Citroen”, driven by a 36-year-old local resident. In the trunk, he was carrying 68 bottles of vodka without excise stamps and 7 plastic cans of pure alcohol with a capacity of 10 liters each.

Later, during a search of his garage, police found another 270 liters of pure alcohol in plastic cans.

340 liters of pure alcohol for own needs?

The man explained that he had bought the pure alcohol in Smolensk and kept it “for his personal needs”. Now the resident of Baranavichy faces a fine of up to 100 basic units. The alcohol was seized.

If the alcohol and vodka were really needed “for his own needs”, it would take him 4.5 years to finish the stock. That’s if he would drink a bottle of vodka daily. According to estimates from specialized sites, 340 liters of pure alcohol, when diluted, would give 816 liters of vodka. This, together with 68 bottles found by the police, would total 1,700 bottles.

How much vodka can be made with 340 liters of pure alcohol? Here’s the calculator


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