‘Miss Mahiliou 2019’ beauty pageant selection draws 46 contestants (photos)

“As a person who makes fashion in this country, I urge you: do not dye your hair. It is 2019, and you are dying your hair. Today, natural beauty is in,” Tatsiana Palazkova, chair of the jury, told the contestants. “Those of you who plan to get to the finals, keep in mind that you need to bring back your natural hair color.”

Jury say natural beauty is in now

Forty-six girls came to the qualifying round for the Miss Mahiliou 2019 beauty contest. Although the organizers set specific age and height restrictions — from 16 to 24 years old and from 170 cm in height — both younger and shorter contestants came to the selection.

The organizers set age and height limits
Contestants had to walk in front of jury

A member of the Mahiliou youth parliament under the Council of Deputies also came to compete for the title “Miss Mahiliou”. The girl honestly admitted:

“My height is 165 cm, I know that I am not eligible, but I decided to try anyway”.

“Well done,” the jury responded, but did not let her through to the finals.

Not all girls were of the needed height and age
Jury assessed everything, including girls’ hobbies

The chair of the jury, Tatsyana Palazkova, teaches defiles and manages the Mahiliou branch of the Nahorny model school. She immediately warned the girls:

“I will look at everything: your hair length and your plastique. You will need to walk a little. And be sure to tell us about your hobby, so that we would understand what else you have except for beautiful legs and body shape. We will take all this into account and will confer. Those who are let through will get a phone call, and who doesn’t, should not be offended. For you, we will announce the selection in 2020 for the “Miss Belarus” contest.

Много черного
A lot of black
Forty-six girls compete for Miss Mahiliou 2019 title

Majority of the contestants came dressed in black. Their hobbies — mostly foreign languages, make-up, and dancing — were also similar.

Contestants also had to walk in front of jury
The winner of the competition will be announced in May

Several girls are immediately distinguished among the row: a scholarship of the President of Belarus, a girl with a black belt in karate, a schoolgirl going to the gold medal, an athlete of the national athletics team. But will this help the biography to get the desired title of “Miss Mahiliou”? We’ll see in May.

Forty-six girls competing for Miss Mahiliou 2019

The final of the contest will be held on May 17. Twenty contestants will be selected after analyzing the performances and photographs of the qualifying round.

Volha Vasilyeva, photo by author / Belsat.eu

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