Domestic tourism more popular in Belarus — Tourism Ministry

Belarusians find it more and more interesting to travel around the country.

Consultant of the planning and organization of tourist activity at the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism Maryna Mastashova explained the new trend.

According to her, several factors have influenced the development of domestic tourism.

Firstly, it is a renovation and reconstruction of historical monuments in cities and towns. Secondly, it is advertising of tour operators in the country. In addition, the economic crisis also affected the situation, says Maryna Mastashova.

“Travel companies which are seriously engaged in domestic tourism are competing for offering new facilities and routes,” said the representative of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Out of more than 1.6 million people who last year stayed in hotels of the country, more than half (57.2%) are citizens of Belarus., Belapan

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