Minsk: Unknown attackers severely beat critic of Lukashenka’s economic policy

Overnight into Saturday, Syarhei Chaly, an economist and author of Economics In Layman’s Terms program at tut.by, was attacked by unknown persons.

Chaly and his two friends were going out of a bar at midnight. A few minutes later, five people came running and started to batter him.

According to the economist, the attack was planned.

“They hardly touched my friends, it is me who was the target. They were punching me only in the head, there are even no bruises on my body. The situation was strange. They ignored my friends; if it had been an ordinary street row, they would have tried to beat each of us,” he said.

Syarhei Chaly, who got a head injury and a broken nose, is now in hospital, tut.by reports. He reported the beating to the police.

“The police were leery of accepting my application and calling an ambulance,” Chaly stressed. It will take him about a month to recover, he believes.


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