Minsk travel agency touting trip to North Korea on Facebook. 100 Belarusians set to go

Belarusian travel agency Merlintour is promoting a holiday trip to North Korea on Facebook.

The Facebook group ‘Welcome to North Korea’, which has about 8,000 subscribers is touting the tour to North Korea like the way the country’s tourism ministry could do it.

All the posts are written on behalf of Kim U Do who reportedly lives in Pyongyang.

The trip is to take place in May, 2016. Its participants are expected to travel to Pyongyang by a Tu-154 plane. The flight will last for about ten hours. The package tour costs around 2,800. Over 100 persons have already booked it.

“Gone are the days when your mobile phones were seized at the border in North Korea – now you are allowed take pictures. You are also permitted to bring your laptops in. There is no need to send your passports to the consulate, only its scanned copy is needen since an entry visa is put on a separate sheet of paper, as it was in the Soviet Union,” Iryna Baranava, a representative of Merlintour, says.

It is the first time when such a major package tour to North Korea is being organised in Belarus. In December 2015, the residents of Minsk and its guests had the opportunity to take a closer look to the country during the Week of North Korea in the Belarusian capital.

belsat.eu, following daily.afisha.ru

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