Minsk office of the PandaDoc IT-company searched

Solidarity picket with PandaDoc in Minsk, September 2. Photo Belsat

Employees of the Financial Investigation Department have conducted a search in the Minsk office of the IT company PandaDoc. Employees of the company said that they had received a notice that it was not worth coming to work: “There was a newsletter that they should not come to the office, because there were “guests” there.

The search by the financial control agency was confirmed by the founder of the company Mikita Mikado, writes TUT.BY.

According to dev.by, searches are also taking place in the apartments of the company’s employees.

PandaDoc product manager Viktar Kuushynau cannot be contacted, his wife Alyaksandra Dzikan wrote on Facebook.

On August 12, PandaDoc founder Mikita Mikada recorded a video message stating that he was personally ready to help the security forces who decide not to follow orders to detain and beat people. He encouraged other businessmen to do the same. Later, a fund was added to this initiative to support victims of repression.

PandaDoc founder Mikita Mikada resides in the United States.

On March 11, 2020, PandaDoc made it to Forbes’ Top US Startup Employers List. It includes a digital document management tool PandaDoc, created by Belarusians Mikita Mikada and Siarhey Barysyuk. The project was founded in 2011. Last summer, PandaDoc raised $ 10 million from EBRD, Rembrandt, Microsoft, Altos and Silicon Valley Bank, for a total of around $ 30 million.