Minsk: Naked protest against censorship of Belarusian art (video)


Artist Alyaksei Kuzmich protested against the Belarusian Culture Ministry’s prejudiced attitude to the selection of works that are to be exhibited in state institutions.

On October 3, Kuzmich got naked at the opening of the exhibition at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Minsk. He only covered the crotch with the makeshift sign plate bearing the inscription ‘The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus’.

According to the painter, he was offered to stage an exhibition at the Centre on condition that there would be no works featuring ‘phalluses in the state of erection’, because the exhibition is supervised by the Ministry of Culture.

"Щит или Министерство Фалокультуры"Акция направлена на освещение проблем цензуры, с которыми сталкивается современный…

Opublikowany przez Алексей Кузьмич Niedziela, 6 października 2019

“In present-day Belarus, the artist is deprived of any opportunity to protest. His erection was successfully neutralized with the help of a dummy здфйгу, the original of which hangs at the entrance to the Ministry of Culture,” Kuzmich explained the meaning of his performance.

The man also posted a video that shows him buying and taking sexual performance drugs. He said he wanted to provide a supporting piece’ to the plate.

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