Minsk: Contact group on Donbas agrees on New Year ceasefire

The Trilateral Contact Group on the conflict regulation in Donbas agreed on a ‘holiday’ ceasefire during today’s meeting in Minsk.

The agreement will come into effect on December, 23.

“The Trilateral Contact Group with the participation of representatives of ORDLO [occupied areas in Donbas] insists on the importance of ensuring peace and calm in view of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, and taking advantage of previous agreements and obligations of the parties, in particular, it confirms their commitment to the observance of a comprehensive, sustained and ongoing ceasefire starting from the midnight of December 23, 2017 Kyiv time,” Darka Olifer, the spokeswoman for Ukraine’s representative in the TCG, Leonid Kuchma, said on Facebook page in the wake of the recent meeting in Minsk.

The Ukrainian side conveyed their deep outrage over Russia’s unilateral decision to withdraw its representatives from the Joint Center for Control and Coordination. Such a move is contrary to its Normandy Format and Minsk Process commitments, which has already resulted in the escalation at the front.

The parties also announced their intention to exchange prisoners before Christmas and New Year holidays in accordance with the agreements reached earlier.

On December 19, Donetsk and Luhansk militants carried out 32 attacks on Ukrainian positions, two soldiers were killed and six were wounded, the ATO headquaters reported.


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