Minsk comes last among European capitals in Quality of Living Ranking

Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk

Vienna is considered the most comfortable city in the world. Traditionally, the capital of Austria has come first in the ranking compiled every year by the American consulting company “Mercer”. At the same time, the capital of our country has remained in last place among European cities in the Quality of Living Rankings for years.

The American consulting company Mercer has published an annual ranking of world cities in terms of quality of life.

Vienna is in the first place, followed by Zurich (Switzerland), Vancouver (Canada), Munich (Germany), Auckland (New Zealand).

Minsk is at the end of the list.

The capital of Belarus is in 188th place out of 231 cities included in the ranking. The same result was reached last year.

Vilnius has climbed to the 81st place. Other neighboring capitals remained in the same places as last year: Warsaw — at 82nd, Riga — 90th, Moscow – 167th place, and Kyiv — 173th place.

The Quality of Living Ranking is based on 39 factors grouped into 10 categories: political and social environment, economic, socio-cultural environment, medicine and health, infrastructure and transport, recreation, school and education, housing, the environment, consumer goods.

In 2014, Minsk was 189th in the list of 223 cities, in 2015 it was 189th out of 230 cities, in 2016 — 190th of 230, in 2017 — 189th of 231.

В Минске будут строить меньше жилья. Станет ли оно дороже?


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